Materializing the Moment

Collecting stories about navigating the return to campus

“Materializing the Moment” is a digital space showcasing reflections and stories that capture the opportunities and hardships of returning to campus life and teaching and learning in-person.

By visualizing our return to campus, this project seeks to focus our collective attention on the complex physical and material realities of teaching and learning in this moment. We hope to provide a space to reflect on our embodied and tangible relationship with public education and our situatedness within CUNY or your own university.

This project is facilitated by the Teaching and Learning Center at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Stories, reflections, images, and artifacts submitted to the “Materializing the Moment” project will be integrated into a collection about this moment in the CUNY Digital History Archive.

What did you first notice when you returned to campus?

What materials or objects have eased or hindered this transition?

What does it feel like to teach with or without a mask?

What were some things that made your body feel differently when returning to campus?

Share a story, reflection, image, object....

...that captures your transition back to on-campus teaching and learning.

Share a story or reflection about your return to campus and/or navigating, in-person teaching and learning. Are there specific experiences, policies, or encounters that made your return to campus easier? More difficult? Both at once?
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